Zagros Airlines Tbilisi Office in Georgia

  •    Tbilisi, Georgia
  •    021-4746
  •    Everday @24 Hrs

The Zagros Airlines Tbilisi Office serves as a major point of contact between the airline and its customers. Should you require any assistance regarding your flight booking with Zagros Airlines, you’re most welcome to visit the office and meet the team in person for the best guidance. 

No matter whether you are heading on a holiday with your friends or family or you are traveling for business purposes, you can inquire about the related services offered by the airline. Even if you have queries regarding the promotional offers or discounts run by the airline for flight bookings or other services, you may speak to the travel representative at the Tbilisi office for the same.

Zagros Airlines Tbilisi Office Address

Tbilisi, Georgia

Zagros Airlines Tbilisi Office Contact Details


Office Phone Number: 021-4746

Office Working Hours: Everday @24 Hrs

Map :

Zagros Airlines Tbilisi Airport Office Information

Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport, MX97+RPX, T’bilisi, Georgia

Airport Phone Number: +995 32 231 04 21


Working Hours: Everday @24 Hrs

Zagros Airlines Head Office Address & Contact Information

Zagros Airlines Head Office : No 16, Sazmane Ab2 Alley Niru Alley, Sazman ab2 Avenue Mohammadali Jenah Avenue Tehran 1481653983 IRAN

Official Website:

Phone Number Head Office : +98 (021) 44013581-83

Official Email ID:

Get all the Zagros Airlines Office information around the globe. 

Services Provided by Zagros Airlines Tbilisi Office, Georgia 

Take a look at the services offered by friendly travel experts at the Tbilisi Office of Zagros Airlines. 

Flight Booking 

You can contact the Tbilisi team at the office for any queries related to flight bookings. Whether you wish to reserve a single ticket or it is a group booking for your corporate team, the professionals will assist you with all the relevant guidance. You may have several queries in the course of booking which may relate to payments or cancellations or availing some other services on the flight. You can raise your concerns before the team representing Zagros Airlines at your local office and get all your concerns addressed appropriately.

Edit or Manage Booking 

Once you get your flight reservation done, you may realize after some days that there are some changes to be made due to change of plans. Hence make sure to speak to the team at Zagros Airlines Tbilisi office, and they will tell you whether you can make the desired change or not. You may have to reschedule your flight, upgrade your seats, choose a different boarding class, add a special service request, add additional baggage etc. All such matters may be discussed for the desired course of action. 

Cancel Booking 

You may need to cancel your booking due to sudden change in plans or an unexpected emergency. So, you can visit the office to seek assistance from the team at the Zagros Airlines Tbilisi office. You can also inquire about booking a flight for some other date. If the ticket is refundable, you may also post a refund request for the canceled booking. The team will guide you about tracking the status of the refund which may be offered in the form of amount, points, or vouchers. 

Baggage Allowance 

Baggage allowance is one of the most important factors to be taken care of in case of flight bookings. You are required to comply with the size and weight restrictions defined by Zagros Airlines for taking carry-on bags and checked baggage on flights. When you approach the team at the Zagros Airlines office in Tbilisi, Georgia for a flight booking, they will share all the complete details with you. You can ask about the charge applicable for buying extra baggage if you need to carry the baggage more than the defined limit. It’s beneficial to take note of such matters in advance.

Check-in-related Queries 

Queries related to your check-in may be raised before the team at the Zagros Airlines Tbilisi office. It could be related to the documents required to be shown at the check-in counter and so on. To be specific, you need to be more cautious if it is your flight to an international destination. Make sure to collect all details, comply with the rules, and follow the related restrictions so as to avoid any obstruction in your flight journey. You must also pay special attention to abiding by the baggage allowance limit. Otherwise, last-minute hassles may create complex issues, and you will have to face unnecessary delays. Besides, please be mindful that you may also need to fulfill certain formalities at your destination airport. 

Travel of Senior Citizens 

If you need to book a flight for a senior member of your family who is traveling alone or they may be traveling with you, you may avail special services offered by Zagros Airlines for them. The team at the Tbilisi office will provide you with all the necessary details and the applicable charges if you request for an exclusive arrangement at the airport or on the flight. 

Special Assistance Services at Zagros Airlines Tbilisi Office

Zagros Airlines makes sure that none of its passengers faces any discomfort or inconvenience on the flight. It aims to make the journey equally enjoyable for travelers who have some kind of disabilities. So, if you wish to reserve a flight for a member of your family who is suffering from some kind of visual impairment or physical disability, you can get in touch with the team at the Tbilisi office and post a request for special arrangements for them. For example, a wheelchair, hearing aids, oxygen machine etc., may be arranged by the airline’s team in advance if you inform them in advance. Travel executives at the office will provide you with the best support including detailed information in this respect. 

Airport Lounge Access

Zagros Airlines also provides lounge facilities at various airports. You may wish to access its lounges when there is much time left before departure for flight. However, it is important for you to know the access routes and the related terms and conditions. Therefore, you can contact the team at the Tbilisi office to gather insight into accessing the lounges made available by Zagros Airlines.

You can also seek information regarding the applicable charges. In fact, flyers often receive complimentary access owing to their flight bookings. So, you must be conversant with any such privileges you receive as a flier. Make the most of your travel by accessing lounges and cherish nice moments with your dear ones. Lounges are also perfect zones to complete your ongoing business tasks on a laptop or have meetings with your colleagues. 

Travel with Infant

Mothers traveling with infants are taken complete care of on Zagros Airlines flights. Make sure to notify the airline Tbilisi team well in advance so that they can make all the required arrangements for you onboard. Get all the necessary details from the airline’s Tbilisi office. 

Travel of Expectant Mothers

If you are an expectant female or there is such a member in your group traveling with you on an Zagros Airlines flight, make sure to follow the necessary procedure for the same. The team at the Tbilisi office will assist you in posting the required requests. This will enable the airline to keep relevant arrangements ready at the airport and on the flight. 

Travel of Unaccompanied Minor 

Do you wish to reserve a flight for your minor child who will travel alone? Speak to the staff at the Zagros Airlines Tbilisi office while you get the reservation made. They will ask you for the required documents and other things aligning with the airline’s policy for travel of unaccompanied minors on its flights. Rest assured that your child will be able to fly comfortably, as the airline’s team will take care of them at the airport and on the flight. 

Travel with Pet

Are you a pet lover and often take them along on your flights? Then you must be aware of the pet policy declared by Zagros Airlines. Reach out to travel specialists at the Tbilisi office and seek all the relevant details. If you wish to take your pet along on a flight, you may have to mention it at the time of creating your reservation. It is important to take note of all the regulations like what type of pets are allowed, what type of carriers can be used to keep pets (if allowed on flights along with cargo) etc. Thus, the city office staff will guide you accordingly. 

Visa-related Information 

Reach out to the travel executives at Zagros Airlines Tbilisi Office to get information about visas. You might need such assistance in case of international travel. So, gather all the details and enquire about the requirement of necessary documents so that the process goes smoothly. 

Hence, these are some of the usual services provided by the Zagros Airlines Tbilisi Office. Nevertheless, you may have other concerns related to your existing flight bookings or you may be facing hurdles in getting a new reservation made. The team at the office may be contacted for solutions in case of any concerns. You may look forward to receiving customer-friendly services that are customized in line with what you actually need.

People May Ask!

Make sure to go through the following queries that are generally raised by leisure and business travelers regarding Zagros Airlines.

What is the contact number of the Zagros Airlines Tbilisi office?

The Zagros Airlines Tbilisi office can be contacted  at 021-4746.

Does the Zagros Airlines Tbilisi office offer flight booking and cancellation services?

Yes, you are advised to visit the Zagros Airlines Tbilisi office for flight reservation or cancellation. Whether you need to fly for vacation purposes or it’s a business objective, you gain information about the relevant flight schedules and offers to book the best flight.

Can I book a car rental on flying with Zagros Airlines office in Tbilisi?

Yes, you can book car rentals with special schemes or offers if you fly with Zagros Airlines. The airline has defined certain terms and conditions for the same. You may visit the website of the airline for complete details and booking related matters.

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