Turkish Airlines Los Angeles Office in USA

  •    Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA
  •    +310 640 8991 93 95 and +310 640 9268
  •    9:00 am – 5:30 pm (Mon – Fri)

The Turkish Airlines Los Angeles City Office endeavors to provide you with all the assistance you need to plan your flight journey. Contact the friendly staff at the Los Angeles Office for any questions you may have regarding making a new reservation, managing an existing one, cancelling one, baggage-related matters, or any other problems with Turkish Airlines. 

When you take a break from your usual routine and spend precious time rejuvenating with your loved ones, friends, or family, travel is the most delightful time. So, get in touch with experts at the office to make the most of your journey. 

Contact Turkish Airlines Los Angeles Office, USA

Below, you will find the information to contact the Turkish Airlines Office in the USA:

Turkish Airlines Los Angeles Office AddressLos Angeles, CA 90045, USA
Phone Number of the Turkish Airlines Office in Los Angeles +310 640 8991 93 95 and +310 640 9268
Working Hours of Turkish Airlines Los Angeles Office9 am to 5:30 pm (Monday to Friday)
Email (Turkish Airlines Los Angeles Office)reservation.lax@thy.com
Turkish Airlines Los Angeles Airport Office AddressTom Bradley International Airport Departure Level 380 World Way West Suite 3326 Los Angeles CA 90045 
Phone Number of the Turkish Airlines Airport Office in Los Angeles 1310 414 8145 and 1800 874 8875
Turkish Airlines Office in Los Angeles Phone Number for Lost Baggage +1 866 810 7102
Turkish Airlines Los Angeles Cargo Office Address6040 Avion Drive Los Angeles CA 90045 
Phone Number of the Turkish Airlines Office in Los Angeles 1310 646 1443
Working Hours of Turkish Airlines LA Cargo Office8:30 am to 6:30 pm (Monday to Friday)
Email (Turkish Airlines Los Angeles Cargo Office)laxcargo@thy.com 
Official Websitewww.turkishairlines.com 


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Services Provided by Turkish Airlines Los Angeles City Office 

The Turkish Airlines Los AngelesCity Office offers the following comprehensive services. To ensure that your flight travel goes all good, make sure to thoroughly review the services listed below. 

Flight Booking 

You can get in touch with the experts at the turkish airlines la office with any questions you may have about booking a flight on Turkish Airlines through this city. They can resolve your queries regarding the flight itinerary, how reservations work, what payment options are available, and a lot more. You can choose the flight that best matches your needs, regardless of whether you need to book for yourself, your family, or a corporate group of team members on an official tour. 

Modify Booking

Simply call travel specialists at the Turkish Airlines Los AngelesCity Office to edit, alter, or manage your reservation. It is true that flyers sometimes find themselves in circumstances like this when they need to make changes to their reservation. Thus, you can ask the Los Angeles staff for advice on making the appropriate arrangements in a timely manner, whether it’s about buying baggage, upgrading seats, upgrading the boarding class, or any other service needed on the flight. 

Baggage Allowance

As a general rule, you have to follow the baggage allowance limit that Turkish airlines has specified. For your hand luggage and checked baggage, there are different rules regarding weight, size, and other factors. Instructions are also provided based on the kind of boarding class you select. 

Still, you may come across various issues that make it challenging for you to continue with your reservation. Therefore, you are welcome to speak to executives at the Turkish Airline office in Los Angeles.


Passengers frequently find themselves in unexpected scenarios when they have to cancel their tickets. Travel experts at the Airlines office at Los Angeles Can confirm the relevant procedure if you also have such a problem and need to cancel your ticket. In case you bought a refundable ticket, you may also find out how to submit a request for a refund. 


You must be well familiar with the complete check-in process and the terminal through which your flight will depart. Also, make sure to keep all the required documents or papers. 

You are advised to consult the travel staff at the Turkish Airlines Office in Los Angeles City if you have any questions about your check-in. It is also important that you adhere to the baggage-related guidelines established by Turkish Airlines. The issue of your boarding card may be delayed if anything at the check-in counter is discovered to be against the guidelines defined by the airlines. Should you require assistance for the online check-in process, the staff will help you in this case as well. 

Special Assistance Services

Turkish Airlines toils hard to provide all its passengers, regardless of age, with a comfortable travel experience. In order to reserve a wheelchair or any other medical equipment in advance, travelers with disabilities or mobility issues can post a request online. These services are usually reserved at the time a reservation is made. So, you can ask the team at the Los Angeles Office for making such requests and adhering to all the associated instructions. They can guide you for getting such services after you reach the airport or on the flight. 

Traveling with Musical Instruments

You can contact the Los Angeles Office staff for obtaining all the relevant information about carrying a specific musical instrument such as a guitar on your flight. They can inform you whether the airline you choose to travel with allows you to carry musical instruments on board or not. So, you will get to know if you can take it as a check-in item by paying an extra charge that may or may not be applicable. Otherwise, you need to pack it in your checked baggage only. So, once you get details from the team, you can make decisions accordingly. 

Services for Expectant Mothers

Turkish Airlines offers services for expectant females. So, a request must be made in advance. The team may be contacted for specific details such as the requirements for presenting related documents. 

Traveling with Infants

Turkish Airlines has created unique services that are available to those who are traveling with their newborns. You may require special arrangements for your child on-board. The Los Angeles team appropriately responds to your queries pertaining to the same. 

Medical Needs

You can also get all the information on how to make an advance reservation for the medical services required on-board. It’s beneficial to inform the Turkish Airlines Los Angeles team in advance so that you can get such services readily available at the airport or on the flight, whichever is applicable. 

Special Meals

Due to a health route or medical conditions, you may have dietary preferences for having specific types of meals. You can place a request, and the food will be provided to you on-board in accordance with your specifications. You will receive appropriate guidance on the same from the travel staff at the Turkish Airlines Los Angeles City Office.

Traveling with Pets

You may request information whether pets are allowed to be taken on Turkish Airlines flights or not. If allowed then you may enquire whether they can be taken on the flight or need to be taken through cargo. Sometimes, passengers with mental illnesses or impairments also travel with support dogs. So, you can collect all the relevant details and be aware of the pertinent guidelines. 

Car Rental

Immediately after checking out of the airport. Get in touch with travel agents at the Turkish Airlines Los AngelesCity Office for all the major details related to vehicle booking. The same may be done at the time of your flight booking or the team may recommend you to make the booking later online at your end.

Thus, these are some of the many concerns that are suitably and diligently handled by the team at the Los Angeles city office. You may have some other issues or queries for which also you can reach out to the staff. You can also take a look at the official website of Turkish Airlines to gather complete information. This will help you in planning your journey in the best possible manner. Moreover, such steps ensure that you don’t encounter issues at the end moment at the airport. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the address of the Turkish Airlines office in LA?

The Address of the Turkish Airlines LA office in the US is Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA. 

What is the contact number of the Turkish Airlines Los Angeles City Office?

The office team may be contacted at +310 640 8991 93 95 and +310 640 9268.

Which terminal is Turkish Airlines at Tom Bradley International Airport?

Turkish Airlines flights depart from Terminal TBIT (Terminal B) of Tom Bradley International Airport.

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