SriLankan Airlines Doha Office in Qatar

  •    c/o Ali Bin Ali Travel Bureau PO Box 2197, Al Sadd Commercial Center Al Sadd Street Doha, Qatar
  •    +94117 77 1979
  •    Monday – Friday : 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Travel experts engaged at the SriLankan Airlines Doha Office toil hard to help you plan a wonderful air trip. If you are all set to book a flight with this airline and need to fly via Doha, don’t forget to visit the office for personalized assistance. 

All the integral aspects related to flight bookings, cancellations, special services, lounge access, visa application, and much more are duly handled by the Doha team. Whether you need to book a flight for an official purpose or you are flying with your dear ones for a vacation, get all your concerns addressed with care and consideration. The office experts at Doha Office in Qatar handle all your requirements related to solo and group bookings with perfection and ease. 

SriLankan Airlines Doha Office Location

c/o Ali Bin Ali Travel Bureau PO Box 2197, Al Sadd Commercial Center Al Sadd Street Doha, Qatar

SriLankan Airlines Doha Office Contact Details


Contact Number: +94117 77 1979

Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Map :

SriLankan Airlines Doha Airport Office Information

Doha International Airport, Bandara Internasional Hamad, Qatar Air Traffic Control, MB l.p, Doha, Qatar


Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

SriLankan Airlines Head Office Address & Contact Details

Level 3 – World Trade Centre, Iceland Building – Colombo 3 and De Vos Avenue – Colombo


Head Office Phone Number: +94117 77 1979

Fax Number: +61398636228

Email ID:

Get all the SriLankan Airlines Offices information around the world. 

Services Provided by SriLankan Airlines Doha Office in Qatar

The Doha office of SriLankan Airlines offers some of the important services listed below.

Book a Flight

Flight booking is among the top concerns of travelers. If you are looking for a best flight schedule and a suitable cabin class, get in touch with professionals working at the SriLankan Airlines Doha Office. Discuss your views and preferences and get suggestions for booking the best flight and that too within your budget. The team carefully examines what you exactly need, and thus, delivers efficient services to enable a smooth flight booking experience for you. 

Cancel a Flight

Should you need any assistance to cancel your existing flight, contact the Doha office team in Qatar for the last course of action. You may get the flight rebooked on any other date or post a refund request, whichever is applicable, as per the policy defined by SriLankan Airlines. Whatever be the case, the office professionals give you the best advice on such matters. 

Report Lost or Damaged Baggage Issue

If you didn’t find your baggage or you found it in a damaged state after arriving at the airport, you can register a complaint for the same. Contact experts at the Doha office for all the necessary support. They may ask to fill out a form mentioning all the mandatory details. You can track the request made to the airline.

Learn Check-in Procedure of SriLankan Airlines Doha Office

You are recommended to take note of all the important documents or certificates required as part of your check-in process for the flight reserved with SriLankan Airlines. Reach out to the Doha office experts for all the major details. You can also obtain information about online/web and kiosk check-in facilities provided by the airline. So, clear all your doubts so as to keep everything ready for your check-in on your scheduled date of departure. 

Purchase Additional Baggage 

You must carry your hand luggage and checked baggage as per the dimension and weight limits defined by the airline. Otherwise, if your baggage is found to be more than the allowed limit, you may face complexities at the end moment. So, speak to the Doha office experts in Qatar beforehand and purchase additional baggage, as per your suitability. Furthermore, it is suggested to read about items that are not at all allowed to be taken in your carry-on and checked bags. 

Travel with Pet

If you are the one who loves to travel with their pets then this information is a must for you. Read everything about the pet policy issued by SriLankan Airlines or get in touch with professionals at the airline’s office located in Doha for complete details. It’s beneficial to be aware of whether airlines allow pets in cabins or require them to be transported via cargo on flights. You can also ask about the type of carrier allowed for pets. You may have to add a pet to your reservation when it is made or there may be another means defined by the airline to notify them about the same. 

Travel with Infant 

If you need to take your infant along with you on an upcoming flight, you may seek assistance from the Doha office team for adding the same to your booking. This is done to inform the airline so that their crew is prepared with all the arrangements you may need for your infant at the airport or on the flight. 

Request Special Meals

You can request for the arrangement of special meals that are provided to passengers onboard. Contact the team at SriLankan Airlines Doha Office to get all the details including charges and post an advance request for the same. The SriLankan Airlines crew will serve you the mentioned meals on your flight. 

Request Special Assistance Services from SriLankan Airlines Doha Office

You may request special assistance services for a family member with a specific disability who needs to travel with you. SriLankan Airlines has designed such significant services for physically and visually challenged passengers and also for senior citizens who need assistance at the airport and on the flight. Thus, seek consultation from the Doha team for the arrangements you need. This may include medical equipment, hearing aids, oxygen masks, wheelchair etc. Informing the SriLankan Airlines in advance helps them arrange everything on time. 

Visit a Lounge 

SriLankan Airlines passengers can gain access to various premium lounges. If you are desirous of spending great time with dear ones or need to have a constructive business discussion with your official team on the go, don’t forget to visit a related lounge at your airport. Speak to the travel team at the office in Doha whether lounge access comes complimentary for you or you need to pay charges to access the same. Besides, you may also ask about the guest policy set by the lounge in case you need to invite or bring someone else with you. The Doha Office team also shared details about using certain credit cards to gain access to relevant lounges. 

Avail Car Rental Services

Car rental services prove to be beneficial when you need to rush from the airport to attend an occasion or an event. Share your concerns with the travel specialists at the SriLankan Airlines Doha Office in Qatar and reserve a car. You will get a car ready right after you check out of the airport. 

Apply for a Visa

Are you planning to travel to an international destination? If yes, can avail the visa related services offered by the SriLankan Airlines Doha Office. The team shares all the needed information related to the application procedure, submitting documents, showing proofs, and so on, with you. You can track the approval process and choose a relevant course of action, as the team guides you. 

Enroll in a Promotional Scheme

You may enquire from the Doha team about special offers, discounts, or schemes run by SriLankan Airlines for customers. Especially, if you keep traveling for business purposes, you can obtain information about corporate discounts. The Doha team familiarizes you with all the offers and traveler programs launched by the airline. You can explore and register for the one that suits you the best. Availing such schemes help you book flights on special rates and enjoy perks on purchasing through partner sites.

Thus, these are some of the leading services offered by the Doha office of SriLankan Airlines. However, you may have other concerns related to your booking or you may need to register complaints regarding your last flight with the airline. You are suggested to contact the travel professionals at this office for customer services.

Related FAQ’s:

Below, are some of the most frequently raised queries about the SriLankan Airlines Doha Office for your consideration.

Q1. What is the contact number of the SriLankan Airlines Doha Office?

Ans. You can contact the SriLankan Airlines Doha Office experts at +94117 77 1979.

Q2. Where is the SriLankan Airlines Doha Office located?

Ans. The address of the SriLankan Airlines Doha Office is c/o Ali Bin Ali Travel Bureau PO Box 2197, Al Sadd Commercial Center Al Sadd Street Doha, Qatar.

Q3. Does the SriLankan Airlines Doha Office offer flight booking services?

Ans. Yes, you can reach out to travel specialists at the Doha office to avail flight booking services. You may also contact them in case you need to cancel your flight or need to avail any other services made available by the airline for its customers.

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