Saudia London Office in UK

  •    173 Victoria St, London SW1E 5NA, UK
  •    +44 871 200 4433
  •    9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday)

The Saudia London Office is operated by a group of dedicated professionals who have been in the travel industry for many years. They offer personalized assistance to customers having concerns related to flight bookings, cancellations, availing special services, travel with pets, carrying medical equipment on a flight, and more. 

You can contact the team for all the major services offered by Saudia. Speak to them regarding the regulations or guidelines issued by the airline and also by aviation authorities. This is much necessary in case of an international flight. The friendly office team aims to make your journey a pleasurable one whether you need to fly for official reasons or it’s a much-awaited holiday.

Contact Information of Saudia Office in London, UK

Saudia Airlines London Office Address173 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5NA, UK
Visiting Hours of the Saudia Airlines Office in London9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday)
Saudia Airlines London Office Phone Number020 7993 1238, 0161 394 0567, 0121 790 0430 
Calling Hours of the Saudia Airlines Office in London6 am to10 pm for the UK only
Saudia Airlines London Cargo Office+44 2087591083
Saudia Airlines London Airport OfficeLondon Heathrow Airport

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Services Provided by Saudia London Office 

Take a look at some of the crucial services provided by the Saudi Airlines London office. 

Flight Reservation

Contact the representatives at the London office if you wish to reserve a Saudia flight. Clear all your doubts related to the cabin class, specific services, charges, mode of payment, and so on. You can ask the team to check all the available schedules and choose the one that aligns with your preferences. If it is a group booking or a corporate booking, you may ask about the ongoing schemes or promotions and avail discounts. 

Manage Reservation

Travel specialists at the Saudi Arabian Airlines London office provide you with advice on editing or modifying your flight booking. You may feel the need to purchase extra baggage, upgrade seats, choose a different cabin class, adding a pet, mention requests for special services etc. Get in touch with the team for all the relevant support. 

Canceling Flight and Requesting Refund

You are recommended to visit the London  office and speak to a representative if you wish to cancel your flight reservation. They inform you about the required procedure and cancel the reservation on your behalf. You may get another flight booked with Saudia, if required. If your canceled flight qualifies for a refund, you can ask for assistance in submitting a request for the same.

Baggage Allowance

Baggage is an important part of your flight, as you need to maintain size and weight limits for both carry-ons and checked bags. Thus, the London office team informs you about the policy set by Saudia and also what items are not allowed to be taken in your bags. If you feel you need to carry more baggage, you can buy additional baggage at the time of flight booking and pay the applicable charges. Once you are aware of all the details, this ensures that everything goes well when you mark your check in at the airport. Otherwise, baggage exceeding the set limits can lead to issues at the time of your check in. 

Lost or Damaged Baggage

You are advised to contact the team at the Saudia London office and get details about registering complaints in case of lost or damaged baggage. The team guides you about the necessary course of action to be taken if you find your baggage in a distorted state or it is lost when you arrive at the destination airport. Getting all the necessary information in advance will help you later. Else if you are already having such a problem, you may contact the team right away to get your baggage back or get the claim. 

Request for Special Assistance Services

Many passengers with disabilities travel with Saudia comfortably. This is all because of the contemporary services provided by the airline for such passengers. If you also need a wheelchair or any kind of medical equipment at the airport or on the flight, you need to inform the airline in advance. The friendly executives at the London office provide you with all the necessary information when you approach them for flight booking services. This helps the airline to make all their arrangements ready for at the time of your flight. 

Travel with Pet 

Are you fond of pets and need to take them on your flight too? If yes, you need not worry. All you need to do is to stay informed about the pet policy defined by Saudia. Get in touch with the team at the London office for all the relevant details. They inform you whether you need to add a pet to your reservation or the related procedure to inform the airline to travel with a pet on your flight. Make sure to follow all the regulations and you will be able to travel with your pet smoothly. 

Saudia Lounge Access

Saudia offers world class lounges to enable a pleasurable travel experience for its passengers. Travel representatives at the London office share all the details with you about accessing a Saudia lounge located at the airport you need to fly from. You can also ask about the guest policy of the related lounge and other amenities, especially if you need to perform your official task, have a meeting with colleagues, or use a laptop.

Visa and Other Documentation 

You may contact travel specialists at the Saudia London office in case you wish to apply for a visa or prepare other necessary documents related to your travel. Make sure to gather all the significant details to proceed without any hassle. 

Other Services at Saudia London Office

Apart from the services shared above, you may also get in touch with the team at the Saudia London office in case you face any other specific issues. You may also need to enroll in a loyalty program or any other promotional scheme operated by the airline. The team provides suggestions and customized solutions after examining your requirements.

Saudia London Office related Queries!

What terminal is Saudia at London Heathrow Airport?

Saudia flights are operated through Terminal 4 at London Heathrow Airport.

Where is the Saudia London office located?

The Saudi Airlines London Office is at 173 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5NA, UK.

What is the contact number of the Saudi Airlines London office?

The contact number of the Saudia London office is +448712004433.

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