Fiji Airways Honolulu Office in Hawaii

  •    300 Rogers Blvd #60 Honolulu International Airport Hawaii 96819
  •    1 800 227 4446
  •    Every day - 24hrs

The Fiji Airways Honolulu Office is an integral part of the airline and assists travelers with all the major services related to business and general flight bookings. You may have concerns related to your current reservation, extra baggage, special meals, group bookings, and more. You may also need assistance related to special arrangements required on the flight. Hence, before embarking on an air trip or making a new one, it is a good idea to keep a few things in mind.

Fiji Airways Honolulu Office Address

300 Rogers Blvd #60 Honolulu International Airport Hawaii 96819

Fiji Airways Honolulu Office Contact Info.

Office Contact Number: 1 800 227 4446


Office Working Hours: Every day – 24hrs

Map :

Fiji Airways Honolulu Airport Office Information

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, 300 Rodgers Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96819, USA

Airport Phone Number: +1 808-836-6411


Working Hours: Every day – 24hrs

Fiji Airways Head Office Address & Contact Information

Fiji Airways Head Office : Air Pacific Centre Nassau
Road Nadi Airport, Fiji

Head Office Phone Number : +679 6 720 888, +679 3 304 388

Fax Number: +679 6 720 512

Official Website:

Official Email ID:

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Services Offered by Fiji Airways Office in Honolulu, Hawaii


If you have any questions regarding your current reservation or bookings in general, or you wish to book another flight as you missed the last one, you can speak to travel agents at the Fiji Airways Honolulu office. 

Edit Booking

If you have any questions about seat upgrades or other changes you need to make to your reservation, such as adding extra seats, buying more luggage, rescheduling your flight, changing your location, etc., you can get in touch with the Honolulu staff.

Flight Cancellation

If you believe you won’t be able to catch your flight and you need to cancel it, you can seek advice from the Fiji Airways team on how to go about the cancellation procedure. Also, you must check if your ticket is refundable or non-refundable, and then you can apply for a refund, as per the scenario. The Honolulu team will guide you through the process to submit a refund request and track it. The refund might be in the form of credit, vouchers, etc. 

Baggage Allowance

The weight and size of your carry-ons and checked bags must not exceed the limits specified by Fiji Airways. The Honolulu travel staff will guide you accordingly so that you can purchase extra baggage, if it goes above the defined limit. You are advised to do it beforehand so as to avoid complexities at the time of check-in at the airport. 

Damaged or Stolen Baggage 

If you get back your baggage in damaged condition or any items are found to be stolen or looted, you must report the same at the baggage services office at the airport. Make sure to get all the important information in detail from the travel team engaged at the Fiji Airways Honolulu Office. If you submit the request on time, the airline’s team will analyze it and look into the compensation, if applicable. 


You must obtain all the necessary information and prepare the related travel documents as guided by the staff at Fiji Airways Honolulu Office. Make sure your luggage complies with the airline’s permissible restrictions. If not, you will be advised to pay applicable fees at the counter and purchase additional baggage, or you will be guided towards another counter for the same. You can also enquire from the team about marking online or web check-in. 

Flight Status

To find out the status of your flight, contact the team at the Fiji Airways Honolulu Office or visit the official website.

Special Services at Fiji Airways Honolulu Office

Passengers are many times bogged down by personal issues pertaining to their physical or mental conditions. Nevertheless, Fiji Airways makes it easy for them with special services provided at the airport and on board. You can post a request for a wheelchair, nurse, or paramedics on board while making your reservation. Requests made well in advance are duly taken care of. Whether you need assistance within the airport terminal or after entering the flight due to your physical or sensory issues, you must inform the team. Moreover, you can enquire about portable dialysis equipment or an oxygen concentrator. The airline’s policies will be explained to you by the agents at the Honolulu office, who will also let you know whether there is any additional medical equipment you can bring and get it checked as a big piece of luggage. Service dogs may also be arranged by the airline’s crew.

Special Meals 

If you need assistance in the case of special meals on board according to your diet or health issues, you can request the same. The Honolulu travel team can assist you in posting a request in advance. 

Travel of Unaccompanied Minor

An Unaccompanied Minor can also travel on a Fiji Airways flight. Even if you are traveling with a baby, related arrangements will be available. All you have to do is to do it all beforehand so that you get everything on time. 

Travel with Pets

If you wish to take your pets on a Fiji Airways flight, you can speak to the executives at the office to post an advance request. You must get information about the airline’s pet policy and the related regulations about carrying pets. You must know whether the airline allows you to take the pet on the flight itself or they are taken in cargo. If they are allowed on flights then you need to know the rules defined for pet carriers. You will also have to submit the related health certificates of your pets in order to take them along with you. 


Some passengers may have allergies to certain things, due to which they may find it difficult to travel on board. You may specify in advance if you are allergic to certain items like peanuts etc., or if you are allergic to animals or pets that may be taken in the cabin. You will be guided through the necessary steps. Also, the Fiji Airways crew will be informed to take necessary measures to enable a comfortable experience for you. All such information is available on the airline’s website. 

Car Rental

You can speak to the staff at Fiji Airways Honolulu Office if you wish to book a car rental service or have any other queries regarding the same. This option is also provided on the website of Fiji Airways.

Fiji Airways Promotional Programs

Fiji Airways  allows you to avail special schemes so that you can earn miles or points and redeem them later. The team can guide you on registering for such plans and availing the best offers. 

Get ready for an amazing journey on an Fiji Airways flight. Reach out to the travel industry specialists engaged at the Fiji Airways Honolulu Office in Hawaii for helping you with a smooth flight booking experience.

People May Ask!

You are suggested to take a look at the following queries that are usually raised by travelers regarding Fiji Airways. 

What is the address of the Fiji Airways Honolulu Office in Hawaii?

This city office of Fiji Airways is located at 300 Rogers Blvd #60 Honolulu International Airport Hawaii 96819.

What is the contact number of the Fiji Airways Honolulu Office in Hawaii?

 You may contact the office representatives at 1 800 227 4446.

Which airport in Hawaii does Fiji Airways fly from?

Fiji Airways flights are operated through Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Hawaii.

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