Etihad Airways Bangkok Office in Thailand

  •    11th Floor, Tonson Tower, 900 Ploenchit road, Post Code 10330, Bangkok, Thailand
  •    +66 2 253 0088
  •    Monday through Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 (local time)

The Etihad Airways Bangkok Office is operated by a group of travel professionals dedicated to your service. Right from booking flight tickets to getting detailed information about fulfilling formalities at your destination airport, you can get all such concerns addressed suitably to enjoy a smooth experience. 

Make sure to visit the office for a personalized experience and expert suggestions on making the most of your flight journey.

Etihad Airways Bangkok Office Address

11th Floor, Tonson Tower, 900 Ploenchit road, Post Code 10330, Bangkok, Thailand.

Contact Details of Etihad Airways Bangkok Office

Phone Number: +66 2 253 0088 /1800-209-0808

Working Hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday

Contact Email:

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Official Website:

Etihad Airways Bangkok Airport Office Address

Suvarnabhumi Airport,
999 หมู่ 1 Nong Prue, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan 10540, Thailand

Airport Phone Number: +66 2 132 1888


Types of Planes Operated by Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways operates a fleet of both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft from four aircraft families: Airbus A320, Airbus A350, Airbus A380, and Boeing 777 and Boeing 7871. Etihad Airways has the following types of planes in its fleet:

  1. Airbus A320-200: It is a single-aisle jet which is capable of carrying up to 196 travellers at a time and has a range of up to 6,500 km. Etihad owns 14 of these planes. 
  2. Airbus A321-200: It is an expanded version of A320, with a capacity of holding up to 196 passengers and a range of up to 5,600 km. Etihad has 9 of these planes. 
  3. Airbus A350-1000: It is a wide-body jet, which can carry up to 371 travellers in one go and has a range of up to 16,100 km. Etihad Airways has five of these planes. 
  4. Airbus A380-800: The world’s largest passenger aircraft, with a capacity of up to 498 passengers and a range of up to 15,200 km. Etihad Airways has four of these planes, all of which feature luxurious amenities such as private suites, spas, and lounges.
  5. Boeing 777-300ER: It is a long-haul, wide-body jet, which has a capacity of carrying up to 402 passengers and has a range of up to 13,650 km. These planes are used for high-demand routes, specifically. Etihad Airways has eight of these planes. 
  6. Boeing 787-9: This one is a medium-range jet that can carry up to 299 passengers and has a range of up to 14,140 km. Etihad Airways has thirty of these planes. 
  7. Boeing 787-10: Etihad Airways has nine of these planes, with an average age of three years. These planes are part of an order for 30 Dreamliners that Etihad Airways placed in 2013.

Get details of all Etihad Airways Offices present globally.

Services Provided by Etihad Airways Bangkok Office 

Following are some of the major services offered by the office. 

Reservations for tickets

You may easily have your tickets booked with Etihad Airways for solo or group travels. Speak to the team and get relevant advice to avail the ongoing offers or schemes. Any concerns you may have about your business or leisure trip, selecting a specific flight based on the schedule, selecting particular seats, making payment using a specific method, or anything else can be addressed. 

Manage Booking

You may have to make changes to your current reservation. You can choose a different boarding class, upgrade your tickets, add baggage, make modifications to your reservation, and do more with the help of the travel experts engaged at Etihad Airways Bangkok Office. The team will also inform you about other associated aspects so as to make your experience absolutely hassle-free. 

Baggage Allowance

It is recommended that you take your bags in line with the airline’s baggage limit. Whether you travel in Economy or a higher class, you can ask the Bangkok Office staff for advice if you need more specific information. It is important to follow the size and weight restrictions defined by Etihad Airways. If you need to carry bags more than the specified limit, you can add extra baggage by paying some charges. 

Check Baggage allowance:

Cancellation and Refund Requests 

You may have to postpone your flight in case of an emergency. Consult the staff at Bangkok for the relevant process and, if appropriate, submit a refund request for your cancelled ticket. The team will also inform you whether you will get the refund in the form of some coupons or points which can be redeemed later within a certain duration. You can also look for any other flight to the same destination and tell the travel staff to book it according to your requirements. 

Airport Check-in

Get in touch with the Bangkok office team to gain insights into the check-in related procedures set by Etihad Airways. Make sure you are fully aware of the process, present your documents at the counter, and obtain your boarding permit. However, be sure your carry-ons and checked bags don’t go above the limits your airline has specified. If it is found that your luggage is overweight, you might need to purchase more luggage or take other necessary actions. Thus, you can save yourself from unnecessary delays by purchasing extra baggage in advance. Not only this, you can also ask about marking web check-in or checking in at self service kiosks located at the relevant airport. 

Flight Status

To find out the current status of your flight, you can speak to the travel specialists at Etihad Airways Bangkok Office. You may also seek assistance from them for checking the same online, if applicable. However, visiting the office enables personalized experience and you may take a suitable action like booking another flight, if a delay in your booked flight is mentioned.

Check the online status of your flight:

Special Assistance Services at Etihad Airways Bangkok Office

Etihad Airways strives to provide a comfortable flying experience for its customers. Passengers with specific disabilities may require wheelchairs or certain medical equipment, and thus, special arrangements are made for them. You must post a request well in advance and ask the team at Bangkok airport for advice on using special services. This enables the airline’s team to stay prepared with all the necessary arrangements for you whether you need them at the airport, on your way to the departure area, or on the flight itself. 

Travel of Unaccompanied Minors

Etihad Airways also provides services to ease the travel of your minor children who travel alone on its flights. You can seek information from the staff at Etihad Airways Bangkok Office, fill up the required forms, and prepare the related documents to be submitted in advance. Thus, the airline’s team will keep all such arrangements ready to make sure that your minor child doesn’t face any difficulties getting to their destination. Right from check-in to landing at the destination airport, the airline’s team takes care of your child thoroughly.

Senior Citizens Traveling with Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways makes available a number of amenities to facilitate smooth travel for senior citizens. If you are traveling with older people or if they are traveling alone, you can get advice from the travel professionals at the office for the relevant flight bookings. They can be contacted in person at the Etihad Airways Bangkok Office. You need to be aware of the services provided in this respect, any terms that the airline may have set, submit a request for the service, showing relevant documentation, and more. Once you do this, stay assured that these people will be taken care of by the professionals representing the airline at the airport. All their needs will also be served on board.


Please contact the travel specialists at the Bangkok office to get all the information regarding accessing Etihad Airways lounges located at your related airport. You can spend some hours in the lounge with your family or friends as you have ample time after obtaining your boarding pass and before boarding your scheduled flight. This location is also perfect for productive team discussions or business meetings. You may also bring or invite guests to the lounges as per defined policies.

Loyalty Programs

You can contact the team at Etihad Airways Bangkok Office to get details about loyalty programs or other such special promotional offers run by the airline. This helps you collect miles or points on your flight journeys and the same can be redeemed on your future bookings. The airline also provides members with certain other perks or benefits like bringing baggage more than the defined limits, getting discounts on shopping on partner sites, and more.

Car Rentals

If you would like to use this service, you may ask the staff at the Etihad Airways Bangkok Office for the assistance. All you have to do is make a reservation in advance so that you get the selected car available outside the airport.

You can also discuss other issues or problems that may be different from these services. The Etihad Airways Bangkok office team will provide you with speedy resolutions, thereby enabling a customer-friendly experience for you. Especially, you need to be double cautious in case of international travel, as it requires much more regulations to be followed because you are traveling to a foreign location. Get all your queries addressed suitably.

FAQ’s on Etihad Airways Bangkok Office in Thailand

Here are some of the major queries generally asked by travellers about the Etihad Airways Bangkok Office. You are advised to read through the same for planning your flight journey in a better way.

What terminal is Etihad Airways at Suvarnabhumi Airport?

Etihad Airways flights arrive at Terminal 1 Of Suvarnabhumi Airport.

What is the address of Etihad Airways Bangkok Office?

Etihad Airways Bangkok office is conveniently located at 11th Floor, Tonson Tower, 900 Ploenchit road, Post Code 10330, Bangkok, Thailand.

What is the contact number of Etihad Airways Bangkok Office?

You can contact travel professionals at the Etihad Airways Bangkok Office at +66 2 253 0088.

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