Ethiopian Airlines London Office in UK

  •    Burgoyne House, Unit 2, Ground Floor, Building 3, Great West Quarter, Ealing Road, Brentford, TW8 0GB
  •    +44 175 396 7980 and +44 208 987 2480 (24 Hours Service)
  •    9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Are you planning to book a flight with Ethiopian Airlines? If yes, you are advised to go for expert consultation to acquire information about the services offered by the airline. So, if you need to fly out of London, whether domestically or internationally, you can contact well experienced travel professionals at the Ethiopian Airlines London office for friendly assistance. 

You are recommended to take note of the instructions or policies defined by the airline for a comfortable air journey.

Address & Contact Info of Ethiopian Airlines Office in London

Ethiopian Airlines London Office AddressBurgoyne House, Unit 2, Ground Floor, Building 3, Great West Quarter, Ealing Road, Brentford, TW8 0GB
Working Hours of Ethiopian Airlines Office in London9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday
Ethiopian Airlines London Office Phone Number+44 175 396 7980 and +44 208 987 2480 (24 Hours Service)
Email of the Ethiopian Airlines London and 
Ethiopian Airlines London Airport Office AddressL5.0170 Terminal 2, The Queen’s TerminalLondon Heathrow Airport Middlesex, TW6 1EW 
Ethiopian Airlines London Airport Office Phone Number+44 7375422248 
Email of the Ethiopian Airlines London Airport  
Ethiopian Airlines London Baggage Tracing website
Working Hours of the Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Office in London 3:30 am – 5 pm (Monday to Friday)
Ethiopian Airlines London Baggage Office Phone Number+44 3300948859 
Official Website 

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Types of Aircraft operated from Ethiopian Airlines Office in London

Airbus A350-90020348
De Havilland Dash 8-4003271-78
Boeing 737-7009118
Boeing 737 MAX 813160
Boeing 777-200LR6321
Boeing 737-80018154- 168
Boeing 787-819270
Boeing 787-910315
Boeing 737-800F4
Boeing 767-300BDSF3
Boeing 777F10

Services Offered by Ethiopian Airlines London Office

You may have several concerns regarding your general or business class flight. Thus, explore the services shared below as this will be helpful for you in making a better travel related decision. 

Booking-related Services

One of the main services offered by the London office is flight booking. It’s extremely simple to get the perfect flight as per your preferences. You may request the team to view flight schedules declared by Ethiopian Airlines, and select the most convenient one for you. You can choose from a range of seating arrangements for a more enjoyable journey.

Baggage Allowance 

You can contact the team at the Ethiopian Airlines Office, London for baggage-related assistance. It’s important to abide by the size and weight limits set by the airline for carry-ons and checked baggage. If you exceed the limit, you are suggested to buy extra baggage in advance. You can contact the team to confirm the related charges and other such procedures. 

Check-in Services

You may ask the London office team for all the important information. Moreover, if you are going to travel on an international flight with Ethiopian Airlines, don’t forget to follow the important guidelines issued by the airline. Also, pay close attention to the baggage allowed limit. If your bags weigh more than the specified limits, you can run into problems. Once you show all the required documentation at the check-in counter, you get your boarding pass and then you can go to the boarding gate. 

Self-service kiosks may be available at the airport. Web check-in facility is also offered to ease everything for travelers. You can seek details from the office staff.

Cancellation and Refund Services

If your travel plans suddenly change, the staff can assist you with relevant solutions for cancelling the flight and getting a refund, if suitable. The Ethiopian Airlines office in London  offers everything you need to enjoy a hassle-experience. If the ticket has a refund policy, you can seek details about it. Refunds in the form of travel vouchers or returns to the original payment method are other alternatives. This allows you to select the solution that best suits your needs. Get in touch with the travel specialists at the office.

Travel with Children

If you have to take your children on a flight operated by Ethiopian Airlines, you need not worry. Consult the team at the London Office whether certain exclusive services or arrangements for children are available at the airport or on the plane. So, a request for the same can be posted in advance. This ensures that the airline representatives at the airport and on board stay focused and offer you complete assistance.

Travel with Pet

You must inform the staff at the London office if you wish to take a pet along with you. They will inform you about the pet policy operated by Ethiopian Airlines which may include whether the pet can be taken on the flight or it is transported through the cargo. Also, if you can take it on the flight then what are the regulations you need to comply with for the pet carrier. Usually, travelers are required to make this request at the time of flight booking itself. Thus, you can get detailed information and choose a suitable course of action. 

Lounge Access at Ethiopian Airlines London Office

You may enquire about lounges made available by Ethiopian Airlines for its passengers at the airport. The team at the London office will guide you with the access policy and other related guidelines. You may also gain insights into the applicability of credit cards at the relevant lounges, invitation to guests, purchase of other premium services at a specific lounge, and much more. Make sure to get all the important details if you would like to spend some great time with your dear ones or have a constructive business meeting with your colleagues at any of the related lounges.

Loyalty Programs

If you wish to know about loyalty programs, frequent flyer programs, or any other such relevant schemes run by Ethiopian Airlines, reach out to the travel experts at the London office. They will explain to you the procedure for enrolling for the same and also inform you about how the whole process works. You can collect points on your bookings, that can be redeemed in your future bookings. You may also find other deals and discounts that could enable you to get flight bookings done in your budget.

Visa Services

You can also avail consultation services for visas at the Ethiopian Airlines office in UK. The personnel at the office are always delighted to help if you have any queries regarding the application procedure for a visa or need assistance understanding the requirements for your particular destination. You can rest assured that you get the best assistance, as all the travel experts possess years of industry experience.

Hence, a team of dedicated professionals is engaged at the Ethiopian Airlines London Office to help in the best possible manner. You can discuss your requirements and preferences so as to get a suitable flight reserved for your upcoming leisure or business travel.

People May Ask!

Where is the Ethiopian Airlines London office located?

The office is in Burgoyne House, Unit 2, Ground Floor, Building 3, Great West Quarter, Ealing Road, Brentford, TW8 0GB. 

Where should I contact if I lost my baggage on the Turkish Airlines flight from London?

You can track your baggage at or call +44 3300948859 between 3: 30 am to 5 pm. 

What is the Ethiopian Airlines Terminal for arrivals at Heathrow Airport?

Ethiopian Airlines flights arrive at Terminal 2 of Heathrow Airport.

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