8 Amazing Benefits of Alaska Airlines Credit Card

Are you a travel enthusiast whose most of the flight journeys are reserved with Alaska Airlines? So, here’s something interesting about purchasing the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® card that comes with an annual fee of just $95.

Operating a vast network of routes, Alaska has introduced this card with a great rewards program and something that will really fit in with your travel preferences. 

Read further and find out what makes this card an apt choice for your upcoming adventure. 

Why Choose Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card?

Get hands on information on the wonderful benefits offered by the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Card.

Bonus Miles

This card lets you earn 60,000 bonus miles. But you need to make purchases for a minimum of $3,000 within the first 90 days of the opening of your account. If it is about the Mileage Plan™ miles, you can use them to reserve flights, get upgrades to first class, make hotel room bookings, and more.

Apart from this, if you add a cardholder (authorized user) within the first 90 days of the opening of your account then you are all set to enjoy extra 2,500 bonus miles.

Companion Fare 

Companion fare refers to an extra ticket offered by your airline when you are a member of its travel credit card and have fulfilled certain spending criteria. 

This card introduced by Alaska Airlines offers you an annual Companion Fare, which means if you reserve a ticket for a traveling partner, you need to pay only $122 ($99 along with taxes and fees from $23) once a year. However, you need to make purchases for a minimum of $6,000 on yearly basis to avail this benefit. You can book the ticket for your traveling partner for the same flight as yours. 

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Suppose, you need to pay $1200 (per traveler) for your flight reservation with Alaska Airlines. Now if you are eligible for the Companion Fare benefit, as the credit card holder, you need not pay $1200 for someone else who needs to travel with you. You need to pay only $122 for them. This works on an annual basis. 

You are advised to log into your account on the Alaska Airlines website and look for the related option to book a ticket for your traveling partner. 

Check Your First Bag Free of Cost 

This card lets you check your first bag without paying any charge. The best part is that this offer not only comes with an Alaska Airlines flight booking, but it can also be availed when you make a flight booking with SkyWest, Horizon Air, or PenAir.

Furthermore, this is applicable not only for your bag, but the bags of a maximum of six people (traveling with you on the same related flight booking) can also be checked free of cost. This offer becomes active when you pay for your trip with your credit card offered by Alaska Airlines. 

The authorized users are also allowed to reserve a flight using this card and avail the free checked bag facility. 

Priority Boarding 

Reserving a flight using your Signature Visa Card lets you enjoy the priority boarding facility. This is indeed a stress reliever for you, as you need not wait in a queue in order to get to your seat. You can enter the aircraft before other passengers and get space easily to stow your belongings in the overhead bin.  

Discounts on Purchasing Services on the Flight 

Passengers often feel the need to purchase services that come with charges on the flight. Whether you wish to avail the Wi-fi service, buy food and drinks, or you need to get any other service available at that moment, you can enjoy a 20% discount on all of them. The discount reflects in the form of a statement credit in your account. This usually happens within seven days of the transaction being made. 

Alaska Airlines Lounge Access Benefit

Accessing an airport lounge is indeed the best way of elevating your overall travel experience. So, how about availing the Alaska Airlines lounge access benefit? 

You can avail a discount of $100 on your access to an Alaska Airlines Lounge if you purchase its membership using the Signature Visa Card.

Earn Rewards Bonus 

As a card holder, you are eligible to earn a 10% rewards bonus on all the miles that you earn through card purchases. However, this is applicable only if you hold an eligible account in the Bank of America®.

Earn Miles on Eligible Purchases 

You can earn 3 miles per every $1 you spend on the purchases made with respect to your Alaska Airlines flight (as per eligibility). You can also earn 2 miles per every $1 you spend on local transit (including rideshare), gas, cable, and select streaming services (as per eligibility). Furthermore, this card also lets you earn 1 mile per dollar you spend on all other purchases.

Concluding Words

The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card is indeed a great option for frequent travelers, as they can accrue miles and avail various benefits including companion fare, discounts on in-flight purchases, one free checked bag, priority boarding, and more. This card also provides you with a matchless rewards program. Thus, purchasing this credit card is a great way to enhance your overall travel experience, whether you travel for official purposes or leisure. 

Look no further! Apply now to begin to make your upcoming air journeys rewarding and amazing!

Related FAQs!

Find answers to some of the major queries related to the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card.

What is the annual fee for Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card?

You need to pay an annual fee of $95 if you purchase the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® credit card. 

What are the benefits of the Alaska Airlines Credit Card authorized user?

A primary cardholder or an authorized user of the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card can enjoy various benefits including companion fare, sign-up bonus, free checked bag facility, priority boarding facility, earning miles on eligible purchases, getting discounts on in-flight purchases, and more.

Do Alaska Airlines card holders get priority boarding?

Yes, the Alaska Airlines credit card holders enjoy the priority boarding facility on the flight booked using the card. This helps you avoid the long queues and get to your seat before other passengers.

Do Alaska visa card holders get free checked bags?

Yes, Alaska Airlines Visa credit card holders can check their first bag free of cost if they book a flight using the card. At the same time, they can also get bags of six other travelers, flying along with them, checked without any charge.

What are the bonus miles on an Alaska Airlines credit card?

If you make purchases for at least $3,000 within the first 90 days of the opening of your account related to the Alaska Airlines credit card, you can earn 60,000 bonus miles. Besides, you can also earn additional 2,500 bonus miles if you add a cardholder (authorized user) within the first 90 days of your account opening.

Is there any international fee associated with the Alaska Airlines credit card?

No, international fee is not associated with the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® credit card.

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